Stop wasting time looking for something new to watch!

You might not have timed it but on average, you spend 17 minutes every day looking for something cool to watch!

Whext is a platform for cinema lovers. It learns your tastes, what languages you speak, which countries you visited, which streaming providers you have and gives you a ready to watch, tailor-made suggestion about which movie or TV series to watch next.

Unique tailor-made suggestions

Whext will integrate user’s data and preferences, and use that information, to enrich and tailor-make unique each user experience, in a way that is unprecedented.

Your movie nights will never be the same!

4Couples and 4Friends will be the first functionalities we integrate for our community.


You can share your suggestion and your couch with whoever you want!

Revolutionize your nights, simply merge your account with your partner’s or friends’ so that Whext algorithm can take into account all your preferences and ratings and elaborate them to suggest something great to watch for all of you!

Mind what your children are watching!

The biggest concern when children are watching anything?

They could end up watching some gross or sexual content and we want to avoid that!


That is why Whext will have a dedicated section for suggestions and content suitable for kids. Whether you want a suggestion for something to watch for him/her or with him/her, you can rely on Whext 4Kids.

Where we are now? Developing our Beta! Find out more here.

You got here, then you are a true cinema lover!

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